Combustion goes down in flames

Hmm... first major problem trying to process the footage from the watergarden – Autodesk Combustion can’t handle video that uses the H.264 codec (which of course is what the 5D shoots in). It seems to process the first frame ok but everything after that goes black. I’ll have to transcode the footage before getting any further... *sigh*
I’m also discovering that the 5D might not be so good for visual effects work. Trying to pull a Luma key on the (one working frame of) footage show just how much compression is evident. You can see it here –

The large square blocks and the white fringe around the plant are the result of compression – what I would like to see is nothing but green plant on black background (or a nice smooth transition in to the white areas).This is about what I was expecting for a camera that shoots HD at 8mb/s – I’ll just have to see how much massaging it needs to get a decent result.

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