The first of January feels like a better day than most for starting something so I’ve finally set up a blog on Blogger/LiveJournal/MySpace.

Why? I work in post-production on film and television (and occasionally other stages of film development for my own work) and I’ve learned a lot from online tutorials/forums/discussions. Now it’s time to participate somewhat more actively.

I work for Channel Seven in Sydney Australia on the medical drama All Saints MRU doing the color grading and visual effects for the show so I’ll be talking a bit about what’s happening there (technical stuff – not the storylines) as well as my own projects.
First up – I bought a Canon EOS 5D Mark II a few weeks back and I’ve finally got time to play with the new HD filming capability. I’ll be running it through its paces on a promo video for a water-garden and I’ll post my experiences and sample footage over the next few weeks.

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